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restituere's Journal

Thursday, October 21, 2004

10:33PM - ANNOUNCE: Backstory

snapetoy and dementordelta want to let readers and players know that a backstory for Harry and Severus is now available through the website. In At Last, dreams come true.

restituere has now closed, and the game is over. The character journals, community and website will remain up, and please do feel free to contact the many fabulous writers whose work you have enjoyed. Let them know of what moved you, and gave you joy and fear and sorrow.

We, the writers, would like to thank you, the readers, for your interest in our story. Over the past seven months, many friendships have been made that will endure long past this game. restituere has been a fascinating experience for us, mainly good, sometimes bad, but never boring.

There will be some final backstories that will be posted to rest_backstory, that will tie up some loose threads, but they will not be announced. Please friend rest_backstory to ensure you do not miss them.

Thank you for watching.

5:18AM - Private (warded to admit KS and M-CG)

It's done - and we're all still alive!!

8:11PM - ANNOUNCE: Backstory

snapetoy, dementordelta,essayel, swtalmnd, katbeseroc, darth_stitch, lysrouge, _sabriel want to let readers and players know that a backstory for Harry and Severus' bonding, The Bonding, is now available through the website.

8:03PM - ANNOUNCE: Backstory

essayel wants to let readers and players know that a backstory for Remus Lupin and Ben Allen is now available through the website. In "Contego et Altum", the MLES – both the Aurors and the regular men – is proud of its motto but the Snape/Potter CO Bonding seems likely to put it to the test.

12:55AM - Private (warded to admit KS and M-CG)

I'm sorry - I know I said I wouldn't stay out all night but what with one thing and another it just had to be. I'm exhausted but finally it's done.

7:45AM - Two Posts

Today promises to be a wonderful day.

Filtered: Charlie Weasley
Charlie, love -

6:57AM - Private

I left Oliver at a truly atrocious club, using work for the first time as an excuse to leave him.

1:24AM - Private Post

I haven't written anything here in a long time. It just hasn't seemed necessary I suppose. Life is going pretty well these days.

1:00AM - Filtered Post: Sirius and Neville

Wednesday - October, 20th - Midnight GMT

Husbands of my Heart...

Current mood: in love

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

7:35PM - Private Post: Almost Over

I've never been as pure as I am right now.

I'm never eating anything that has barley in it, ever again. Or kelp either, I suppose, but that goes without saying.

I'll never take pumpkin products for granted again.


Filtered - Remus

Filtered - Madame Malfoy


4:10PM - Filtered: Family, Bill Weasley, Millicent Bulstrode


2:27PM - Private Post - Rune warded

Well...it's almost done with. Harry and Severus get Bonded on the morrow and all of us leave the day after. Marie was a goddess to consent to this, she even went so far as to help plan.

10:41AM - Dictated Post

Let's see... I've got my 'wedding' robes cleaned and pressed, a new pair of shoes and a new hat. Or I could wear the old one. Except it's old.

It's not that old, Rita.

Basil! You startled me. I thought you were still on that floo-call...

2:52PM - Private journal entry

It's better with Veritaserum.

I wrote a letter to Miss. Comptum, telling her what I could not say. It was a most difficult task to accomplish - to tell someone, anyone, a stranger who I do not know and cannot trust

7:58PM - ANNOUNCE: Backstories

tiranog, katbeseroc and essayel want to let readers and players know that a backstory for Remus, Narcissa and Gil is now available through the website. In A Simple Misunderstanding,Gil and Remus make a simple mistake. Narcissa has to explain a few things .

tiranog, irana and essayel want to let readers and players know that a backstory for Remus, Kingsley, Gil, Ben and Hermione is now available through the website. Outcomes tells the story of Election night at the Exorior Office.

12:56AM - Owl Post: Elena Dobrogeanu; filtered to Susan Bones

Дорогая Елена --

I never expected to be writing this letter to you.

That's not much of a beginning, is it?

Shit, Susan --

I've just realised

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

3:06PM - Private Post: Seclusion Sucks

Why did I talk Severus out of eloping?

I know, weird huh? And I know he was only teasing, that last night. That he wants this.

I don't know what I want except, to see him again.

11:04PM - Private journal entry

Miss. Comptum threatened to take my journal today.

She rebuked me for not engaging in the process - fuck, I am trying! - and said that if I was using the journal as a substitute then it would be confiscated. She insisted on looking at it, and told me that if I attempted to post to Harry again, the bonding would be immediately cancelled.



Harris Pennyfeather
Daily Prophet

Dear Mr. Pennyfeather

The Ministry of Magic has extensive regulations governing the activities of bondings.

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